Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tot School or Mommy School

I've seen people talk about "Tot School" or "Mommy School"
on different blogs I've read before, but was never sure exactly what it was.
Well... now that Fall is officially here (along with the endless days of rain)
I decided I needed some fun activities for the Little Guy and what better way than to do something creative and educational at the same time!?

Soooo... while browsing Pinterest a few weeks ago looking for some fun
Toddler activities, I came across Mommy School from

I'm pretty excited about it; she makes wonderful toddler learning packets that you can download for free!

I've downloaded M is for Monsters and I is for Insects
and just took a peek into everthing that's included.
The Insects packet has 80 pages of material including:
activities and games, science, arts and crafts, math, literature connections, flannel board fun, movies, fine and gross motor skills, songs, snacks, books.... etc, etc...

On top of that there is a focus on one Letter, Color, Number & Song.

Doesn't that sound fun? Obviously children are different and you are supposed to pick and choose activities that your child is ready for and will enjoy beause it's supposed to be fun! I'm excited to try out some of the activities! =)

Want to check out Mommy School yourself?

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