Tuesday, October 25, 2011


What is it about time?
There never seems to be enough of it.
Remember when summer break seemed to last for FOREVER?

These days I find myself wishing for more time.
I never seem to be able to fit in everything I want to do.
Does this happen to you too? I think it must. I think it is universal.

Sometimes when I have a free evening to myself (when my husband' hunting and my Little Guy is in bed) when I actually cannot make a decision about what I want to do.
Do I want to read my book? Or maybe catch up on the weekly TV shows I try to watch? Or maybe I should watch that chick flick I've been wanting to watch? OR MAYBE I should do a craft project that's been sitting and waiting to be completed (or waiting to be started!)
Usually I just end up on the computer because I seriously cannot make a decision about which thing I want to do more!

Sometimes when I sitting home during the day and reading my book, I actually feel guilty. I know that it's stupid to feel guilty, but I feel like every minute I'm home, I should be spending my time with my Little Guy. (Doing the Mommy School has really helped me with this particular guilt, since I can feel like we did something productive together.)

I've often wondered if I'd still have this problem if I didn't have to work, but I think I would probably think this even if I was home full-time. Maybe I'd have more time to do the things I want to do... maybe I'd just waste more time.

This is just a post of my rambling thoughts tonight.
I'm sure everyone has these same struggles, but sometimes it feels good to work them out by writing. =)

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