Monday, October 3, 2011

Two-Year-Old Drama

See this sweet little face??? So calm, so innocent....

Well, now he's two and apparently he's got opinions and he's not afraid to share 
them in very negative ways.

My monthly bunco group meets tonight and I wanted to make a quick run to the store to find something for a costume. We were making one stop and going to two stores. The first store we went in was Michaels and I figured we were just scanning for a couple things and leaving, so I wouldn't put him in a cart. Mommy mistake #1.
He was pretty good - if you can overlook the fact that he threw a ball (the size of a tennis ball) over one of the aisle shelves... you know... the ones that go way above your head and you walk between them perusing the merchandise... yeah. He threw a ball OVER that. Anyway....
we got to the checkout counter and he started acting up, so I picked him up and he started slapping me in the face! Seriously??? So embarrassing.
We got to the car to drop off our stuff and I almost cried.

Next we went to Target, but I made sure he was in a cart this time.
By this time, I knew I needed to be quick, so I grabbed what I needed and started out. But he was kind of hanging over the end of the cart (on his knees), so I was going to give him a box of animal cookies if he turned around and sat down. Well... he wouldn't even acknowledge I was speaking, let alone turn around until I told him he'd lost the cookies for not listening.

I'm really not sure how to proceed with this behavior. He can be SO sweet (like book-reading time before bed and naps!), but so naughty other times.
I have set up a time-out chair and told him what it's for. I'm going to try to be super consistent about using it - unless I find some other strategy that works better.
I'm also going to start setting the timer for time-outs and requiring an apology.

My husband has a very strong personality and I'm sensing that my son has one too -
just how to direct that personality into positive things is the question.

We'll see how it goes... I keep telling myself that "two" only lasts for a short time
and I'm trying to soak in the "sweet" times.

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