Friday, November 11, 2011

Moments to Remember

One of the reasons I started blogging was so I could write down all the cute things my son says and does.... and do I do that? Not very often.
Here's a few of his latest:

When he wants a piece of candy from his Halloween pumpkin bucket - "Mommy, a piece 'o punkin patch?"

Yesterday he heard me call my husband by his first name and started yelling "Shaun! Shaun!" (daddy was maybe not so amused... but he was back to being daddy today. =)

Anything and everything it seems that we need to "wash it!" because it's "yucky!"

Halloween apparently made an impression because he sees and talks about ghosts all the time. "Mommy, see a ghost?" "Mommy! Look! a ghost!" The checker at the grocery store asked him how he was doing one day and he said "a ghost?"

Whenever he sees anyone that I told him was coming he says "I find you!" Example: Yesterday I said we were meeting Kelly and when he saw her, he ran over saying, "Keewly! I find you!" like it was his idea all along.

He is also very into fixing at the moment. Sometimes I think he purposly takes things apart or "breaks" them, so they may be fixed. And then he doesn't want help, "No! Baby fix it!"

Which brings me to my last one - he refers to himself as "baby" all the time. I have NO idea where this has come from because we don't call him baby. We call him "bud" or "buddy" a lot, but not  baby. But, that is how he refers to himself, "Baby do it", "Baby fix it", "Baby walk!" etc, etc....

Okay... that's all I can think of off the top of my head. =) I may be updating this list for my own benefit later. haha

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