Friday, December 2, 2011

It's December Already!

Can you believe it? It's December already!
Even though I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping, it's hard to believe we're about to close out on another year... time just seems to keep moving faster and faster.

Right now I'm drinking some hot chocolate with some leftover Reddi-Whip from Thankgiving squirted on top while I carve out some time for blogging! Mmmm..!

I feel like I've been behind on posting lately.
My husband is currently laid off at work... they have apparently worked too fast and run out of jobs.... we are unsure of how long this is going to last, but are praying it's not too long.

It seems like I work a lot or I'm recovering from working! haha
I'm enjoying my new position in the ER for the most part, but the hours are definitely getting to me a little more than I expected. I spend the next day or two after a weekend of working basically wanting to sleep!

This morning we met a friend of mine at the local park and took some pictures for our Christmas card! That was fun and I'm looking forward to seeing how the card turns out. =) I'm ordering them from PearTreeGreetings again like I did last year, so I'm sure they'll be great! (Keep an eye out for a great coupon code from them soon!)
Here's one of our "out takes" It'd be great except my son, like normal, didn't want to smile AT the camera, but rather at the ground or something. =)

I felt like it was Saturday all day today... probably my husband being home from work. It makes me feel all off kilter!

One of my good friends came over today and first helped me grocery shop 
(that has to be the mark of a good friend, right?)
and then we watched Water for Elephants. Have you read the book?? I had read it awhile ago, so I enjoyed the movie. Since I couldn't really remember the details, it seemed like it followed the book pretty well... I'm sure that was partly faulty memory though! =)
If you haven't read the book, you should.

Hopefully I'll get a little more regular blogging in soon! It always seems harder to blog when my husband is home, so we'll see.

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