Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby Showers and Baby Hats

It seems that just about everyone I know is pregnant at the moment.
I honestly know about 6 people who are all due between the months of June and August.

At first this kind of annoyed me, but then I started thinking about how last time I was pregnant, no one else was and so my Little Guy doesn't have too many friends his age who are also MY friends. So I decided maybe it was more fun this way. =)

Anyway... tomorrow I am attending the first of what's bound to be a long succession of baby showers over the next several months. I hunted down my Newborn Baby Hat pattern and used my $5 of $5 or more coupon from Michael's to purchase two skeins of yarn - one in blue/brown and the other in pink/brown. I'm getting prepared, you see?

Here is the first one:
I was told by a friend of mine, who received one of these hats for her first baby, that it was her favorite for her newborn. I was happy to see it on her second one, as well!

So my plan is to start making these up so I'm prepared for the future!
Then maybe I can personalize some burp cloths or something to add to it when the time comes. 

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