Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Icicles and Winter Walks

We had quite the unusual weather during our last winter storm.
I took the opportunity to take a "Winter Walk" with my Little Guy as part of the "W is for Winter" Mommy School unit. I figured it may be the only chance this winter for it!

This is before we moved and the Little Guy was super excited about the white stuff!
We talked about how different things looked compared to when we went on all our walks this summer.

This was the day after a devastating ice storm hit our area. 
It was very neat to look at the trees and bushes and see that EVERY BRANCH was encased in ice.

Amazing and beautiful!

And, like I said, devastating to the poor trees.

Of course we had to break off some icicles to eat!
He says "Mmm... Yummy!"

I love these opportunities when we get to walk in some amazing and unique aspect of God's creation! And it's especially fun to share it with someone who is in total awe because it's completely new. =)

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