Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm Back! Pregnancy Reflections

My power is back, I'm basically moved into my new place and finally have tv and internet hooked back up. Hooray! Time for life to get back to normal. =)

I thought I'd do a little comparison between my two pregnancies  up to this point.
I'm now 19 weeks with baby #2.
That's hard to believe! I feel like time is traveling much too fast!
I seem to have quite a mental block when trying to remember things that happened during my last pregnancy.... so we'll see how this goes. =)

Baby #1:
First Trimester Symptoms?
Fatigue, headaches and maybe a couple nauseous moments
Gender Prediction?
I felt it was a boy pretty strongly all the way through.
Weight Gain?
I'd gained 12lbs by 
Feeling Baby Movement?
I'm pretty sure I didn't know I was feeling the baby until at least 21 or 22 weeks.

Baby #2 - 19 Weeks
Baby #2:
First Trimester Symptoms?
Fatigue, headaches and .... okay that's it. =)
Gender Prediction?
I felt it was a boy pretty strongly at first... and now? I don't feel strongly anything? Hmmm...
Weight Gain?
As of yesterday, I've apparently only gained 5lbs so far! Must have something to do with chasing an almost 3-year-old around.
Feeling Baby Movement?
I've been feeling a lot of movement this week. I was feeling some fluttering up to 2 weeks ago though.

Other thoughts? I feel like I've been kind of disconnected from this pregnancy compared to my last one, but then I was wondering if that is just because up until now I haven't looked all that pregnant OR felt much. Or if it's just because we've been so busy. Or if it's because it's baby #2.

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with my OB concerning having a VBAC (Vaginal Delivery After Cesarean). It's something I'd considered, but only in the last few months has the hospital I'm delivering at made the decision to approve doing them. Definitely something to consider going forward, but I probably won't make a decision until my 3rd Trimester though considering my history.

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