Thursday, March 15, 2012

25 Weeks

My mom mentioned she thinks she needs to
take some pictures for me, so they're not
all in the mirror! =)
I am 25 weeks today.
It seems like the time is just flying by!
I think I felt so un-pregnant at the beginning that it feels like it's caught up to me quickly in the past couple weeks.

Is it possible that I still have 3 months to go and already I feel like I'm going to explode??
I swear this baby is already cutting off my air supply - when I sit down I feel like I'm suffocating (okay... that might be a slight exaggeration... maybe)

Seriously though, it's all coming back to me now. The end stages of my last pregnancy. I try not to complain out loud to anyone because I am well aware that I have fairly easy pregnancies.

Weight gain?
Still about 8-10lbs
Nothing new
Pregnancy annoyances?
The heartburn has started full force now. Can't eat anything with tomatoes without regret.
Sleep is already starting to be irritating and uncomfortable.
I pulled something in my side the other day... I don't even know when! I hate those weird aches and pains you get for no reason!

Other thoughts:
As I said... I know I have this pretty easy. I think I'm just to the point of knowing I have quite a way left to go... I'm not on the homestretch yet and trying to come to terms with what the next 3 months hold. I think the first baby you think you know what to expect, but you haven't actually experienced it yet. But the second time around you recognize how uncomfortable and BIG you're going to get before the end.

Sometime this week I have to go in for my glucose test - oh joy. =)

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