Thursday, March 15, 2012


My mom and I made a trip to ToysRUs last night to check out potential birthday ideas for The Little Guy. For some reason we're having a hard time with what to get him this year. It seems that many toys he's about grown out of at 3-years-old, but isn't quite ready for the next stage.

I have a stash of things I got on a GREAT deal over the holiday's of Melissa and Doug stuff.
I got over $70 worth of toys for $15 with a voucher from Plum District. Sooo... some of it I gave him for Christmas and some I saved for his birthday! Pretty smart, right? =)

Anyway... back to shopping. I was thinking of getting him a board game or two. I have a Memory Game that I bought about 2 years ago on a great deal that I was planning to give him, but then I saw Cootie and thought hey! he'd probably love that game! But something in me thought I may have bought it at some point for my nieces or something to play with.

So today I looked and ah ha! Cootie was in the closet!

So today was the first day I played a board game with my son!
I almost couldn't believe he was old enough to be playing something with me!
And... like when I play games with his father... he won both games. =P
Ah well.... hopefully my luck will improve with time...
I can always blame it on his beginners luck, right?

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