Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Malachi Moments

You may  or may not have read my recent post on 
but now I get to start in on all things Three. =)

I swear things keep getting more and more funny around this house.
We seem to be growing out of some of the crazy, naughty, uncontrollable stage and entering into a slightly more calm, better behaved and "helper" stage.
It makes me really happy that we waited a little longer to have baby #2.
The original plan was to start trying by Age 2, but we were in such a crazy stage that I didn't think I could handle it. Now that he's three I feel like we're ALL ready to take the plunge of a new baby in the house and instead of having two babies... I'll have one baby and little boy.

So... I thought that I'd start a new little post series called Malachi's Moments.
I need a way to continue to record his funnies and achievements.
Not to be confused with any new baby moments. =)

Here's the latest  Malachi Moments:
In addition to "I can't like it", which is still used on a daily basis in this house, we have added "That's not true!" I have no idea where this came from! But it seems to be used all the time. Yesterday I told him that daddy was gone at work and he said, "That's not true" or I went to the store and gave some explanation about something and he said, "That's not true, mommy." Apparently I'm a rampant liar. haha He states it as total fact.

Background: My husband tells him repeatedly while they are playing to "swallow your spit". My husband acts like he can help it or something. I think if I was being tickled in the extreme that I'd probably drool too! Anyway, yesterday we watched the 7-month-old of my good friend. I overheard Malachi saying to the baby, "Swallow your spit! Like this - !" Too funny!

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