Thursday, March 29, 2012

What We Love About Two Final Edition

Well, my Little Guy is now three. Which means this is going to be my last post about Age Two. There are always things I mean to post about and forget... or never get around to it... and by then I've forgotten! So here is my last ditch effort to remember a few things from the past couple months.
I've decided since I'm having another one that I'm just going to use their names. I've never really completely hidden Malachi's name, but used it sparingly in previous posts. But I think that's going to be increasingly difficult, so I've decided to give it up. =)

"That's cool"
"I can't like it" (used for anything that he doesn't want to do, eat, etc)
"Look mommy! A big giant!" (after pooping in the potty)
"watch my show?"
"SONGS!" (meaning he wants to listen to HIS CD of songs in the car)
"I do it. Not you!" (just in case you were in doubt about what he meant by I do it)
"Oh man!"
"Rocket the moon!" (I have absolutely no idea where this came from... but anything that can be made into a rocket, is)
"It's my favorite!"

Loves- celery, carrots, yogurt, raisins, peanut butter, usually "toast" (which is really just bread of any kind), instant oatmeal (won't eat the real stuff), salsa (with or without the chips)
Hates- potatoes of any kind, mashed, potato salad, baked, etc

Green Eggs and Ham
Curious George

He loves Dora and Diego, Curious George and Super Why! He also enjoys BusyTown and Thomas and Friends. We still have not worked up to any full-length movies.

Memorable Moments:
#1 -Our new house has taken some adjusting to for him. He can no longer run out to the road like he did before. One day I ran back in the house to grab something and when I got back outside 30seconds later he was hiding around the end of the car in the driveway - totally freaked me out. I quickly told him, "You can't do that here! Someone could come by and they could snatch you (imagine my grabbing him like I was going to take him away) and then mommy wouldn't know what happened to you!" He responded with "yeah... someone take me!" I was not too sure this got through to him, but the next couple nights he told me he had bad dreams about someone "taking" him. I tried to feel bad, but honestly? Isn't that what I wanted?

A couple weeks later, it was a nice day and my husband and I decided it was a great day to go for a walk around the neighborhood. We passed a house with a young guy carrying a box out to his car. We exchanged "hi, how are yous". Malachi was trailing a few feet behind us and we heard him say, "Hi!" to the guy as he passed by. Then a few steps later we hear, a little quieter, "Please don't take me." I have no idea where that came from in that moment! Poor neighbor! He probably wondered what we were saying to this kid!

#2 - At church I'm not always sure he pays much attention in his class. He never comes home with a finished craft project and usually I have to really probe about whatever the story was. One day a few weeks ago, we were walking out to the lobby after church and all of a sudden he shouts, "Mommy! It's Jesus!!" I look over and sitting with one of our pastors (The pastor of our community services) is an obviously homeless man - who by-the-way DOES look a lot like depictions of Jesus. Malachi runs over to the seating area they are occupying and continues on about how the guy is Jesus. I hurry over and try to kind of slink away from the whole situation when the pastor says, "Malachi here thinks you look like Jesus. Malachi, this is my friend Dude Man, he looks a lot like Jesus doesn't he?" Dude Man seemed totally unperturbed by this who incident, but I was not sure if I should laugh or be kind of horrified.

A week or so later, we met my parents at IHOP before church. Near the end of our meal, who should walk in? Dude Man, of course! And now Malachi was like, "Look! It's Dude Man!"

Okay, this is all I can think of at the moment. I may have to update this for myself if I think of anything else in the next couple days. =)

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