Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blog Designing

With my new little man in the house, I decided it was time for a new blog header. This is something I enjoy doing myself and I made my current one, so I figured I'd just whip up a new one and that would be it!
Umm... so it took me several days to design something I kind of liked because I kept getting interrupted (here's a little taste of the look).  Then I went to put it up and realized... uh... I need a matching blog button and that all my current Project Pinterest buttons or things like that would have to be updated! And, oh wait!, my font colors won't match either! Ack!

Sooo... not sure when I'll actually finish this project.... I have high hopes of re-designing the look of the blog altogether, which always takes a lot of researching and trial and error on my part before I like it. 


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