Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chaos Revisited

My house is still in complete disarray. It is actually becoming a tiny be infuriating, but I have had to spend the last two days finishing up the cleaning in the old house and I still have probably one day left to go. I have to work today, which means almost nothing gets done - although I did un-pack a box of baking supplies into the pantry - which is probably more exciting than it should be. =) The bathroom in the new house needs some major attention - I'm pretty sure it didn't get cleaned before we moved in - but I haven't been able to bring myself to tackle it yet since I'm pretty sure that once I start I'll have to do every square inch.

It's amazing how exciting it can be to find something that is boxed up. For example:
*My work badge - went to work 3 days without it. I was so happy to find the purse I'd left it in because otherwise I was going to have to go to work early one day and get a new one made.
*My Bible study book - I'm totally behind for homework, but I at least wanted to find it to go to the Bible Study with. Yay!
*Saran-Wrap - This is one of those things that you just need and when you can't find it, it's annoying. My husband wanted to wrap his knee so he could take a shower - took me 15 minutes to locate the stupid box.
*The pizza cutter - how do you cut pizza properly without a pizza wheel??

Today my baby is 3 months old! Unfortunately belly stickers are left on the counter in the old house (so I couldn't misplace them), so pictures have to wait until tomorrow!

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