Monday, February 18, 2013

Checking In....

This week I worked quite a bit and when I was home I was trying to spend time with my boys!

I also made my second attempt at making my own homemade vanilla creamer and it was much more successful than my first! I will post the recipe - it's so easy and not full of all those yucky who-knows-what in the store bought stuff.

I also think I've mastered the crockpot yogurt - hooray!

A couple Sunday's ago I had a crazy mommy moment... I wore two different shoes to church on Sunday morning. The worst part is that I didn't even realize it until I was sitting in the pew during service and I had to go to work right after.... oh well.... =) How did I not feel the difference???

My little Zachary is getting so big! Here he is sporting his little sheep hat knit by grandma!

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