Sunday, April 28, 2013

Meal Organization/Planning

I am currently working on a new organizational project.... how it will end I'm not sure. =)

Here is the scenario I deal with quite frequently at my house:

I sit down to think of some things to have for dinner for the week. I ask my husband’s opinion on the matter. No one really cares. I write down a couple ideas. I am forced to go to the computer (usually to my Pinterest boards) to print off said recipes. Then I quickly try to figure out what additional items I need from those lists and then go off to the grocery store.

What is the problem you ask? I have a list. I’ve picked meals. Well… for one thing, I don’t usually plan ENOUGH meals – figuring I can just fill in the blanks with stuff we already have in the house or freezer. This would be a fine idea if I had enough staples lying around to do so. Hence, why we have pancakes or waffles for dinner at least once a week. Next problem is that I HATE it that we have a good selection of favorites, but I constantly have to search the web for their location and then print off another copy. Then that copy sits around in the kitchen until I finally chuck it in the recycle.

SO, I’ve decided to go through all our most commonly made meals and start myself a little folder – or recipe book. I don’t really want to transcribe all my recipes onto little cards, but I thought a nice folder of our favorites would really make my life so much easier. AND as I make new meals that we enjoy, I can just add a new page to the folder!

It sounds so simplistic – I mean, seriously what has been stopping me from doing this already? – but such is the way of life, I guess.

The second part of this plan is to make up a monthly meal plan. This would not be set in stone – our lives are way to busy to stick to something rigid – but instead of sitting down each week wondering to myself what we should have for dinner that week, I will have some ideas right in front of me. Things that are not a repeat of the week before!

Sounds great in theory right? Now to enact the plan…. =)

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