Saturday, June 29, 2013

12 Months!!!

ONE! I can't believe it! My little Zach is one-year-old! This year has flown by - so much faster than Malachi's first year. I think it may be because there is less time to spend with the second one just one-on-one, but - seriously! - where did the past year go!

This month:
  • He started waving bye-bye. Sometimes you get a cute little finger wave and sometimes a full body two-arm wave!
  • Lot's of talking - we've finally got some regular ma-ma's in there! Not just when he wants to eat!
  • Good reports from his labs - his TSH levels are still a little elevated, but we're still holding off on medication and keeping close tabs on it.
  • Baths, the dogs and food are favorites.
  • He will sit for a very long time just playing on the floor with his toys - this kid has a really long attention span.
  • Still no more teeth, crawling, standing or walking.... will discuss with the pediatrician on Monday.... ugh
  • Zach can throw (and sometimes catch!) a ball pretty well! Pretty good for a kid who's not motivated to get around anywhere!
  • His new favorite game is to nod his head and answer all questions with nodding - so cute. =)
  • He got his first official haircut this month! It makes him look so much older - but it was definitely time!

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