Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pre-school Starts!

Today was our first official day of "doing preschool". We're not taking ourselves TOO seriously, but I picked a curriculum finally and we're spending an hour or so during Zach's morning nap working on our activities.

I've been channeling my inner homeschooler. I was homeschooled 1st-12th grade myself and I've always said I wouldn't homeschool my own kids. Not because I had a bad experience - quite the opposite - but I'm just not sure I'm cut out for all the WORK involved in teaching my children! My mom spent hours and hours preparing and teaching me all those years.

But - I have to say - I've gotten pretty into my preschool preparations! I chose to go with the Letter of the Week curriculum by Confessions of a Homeschooler. Despite the "official educators" who said it's not a very good program research-wise, I thought it sounded fun. Which was my main objective anyway.

I have spent a lot of money already on sending files to be printed at our local copy and print place, decorations for our calendar/weather station, and a laminator (got an awesome deal on that though! $15 for a $50 laminator on Amazon! whoohoo!)

But it's been really fun and I think Malachi enjoyed our first day.

This is our calendar, weather station and the palm tree will eventually be covered with our letters that we've learned each week. Our weekly Bible verse and color or shape is also here.

I've also got each day organized out into Monday thru Friday folders. If he doesn't do something one day, I'm planning on just moving into the next day. For example, today he's wasn't that into coloring and there were two coloring activities. I had him do one and then saved the other for tomorrow since we had less planned anyway. I'm trying to get together EVERYTHING we'll need for the days activities including scissors, crayons, glue sticks, etc. That way we're ready to go when Zach goes down for his nap.

I'm sure we'll check in with progress again soon. =)

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