Friday, November 22, 2013

Late Season Jam-Making Session

I have been a terrible blogger of late. To be honest, it's not that I don't want too, but my computer tends to be a little slow - especially if I'm trying to edit and upload pictures - and the thought of it seems like too much time and work sometimes. It's a bummer really... one of these days we'll get a new computer and then it should be easier. Until then, it might be spotty and have lots of book reviews because I have to post those and they require almost no pictures!

Yesterday I met up with the gals from my MOPS table and we made some jam! It was a really fun time. I was a little nervous because I was in charge although it wasn't at my house (my kitchen is NOT big enough for a houseful of people canning) and I think this was my first attempt at jam-making without my mom there.

I think it went well. Everyone brought one or two ingredients and I supplied the canner, jars and canning utensils. I have to admit that I think I ended up doing the majority of the work while everyone else was running after kids and chatting, but it was still fun and we managed two batches. Everyone was sent home with two half-pint jars of Caramel Apple Jam.

I got this recipe from A Latte with Ott,A's blog. It's a favorite in our house!!

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