Saturday, December 28, 2013

Almost 2014 Already???

Seriously?? Where did this year go!? I can't believe all that has happened this year or fathom how fast it went. 

I thought I'd take a look back over my 2013 goals to see how I did.... I didn't think I'd done very well but then I realized I never even made any for this year! Ha! Sooo.... apparently I did pretty well on that list. I DID make a Goodreads goal to read 65 books and as of today I've read 108! I have no idea how I did that!



      2013 Reading Challenge

          2013 Reading Challenge

        Elsie has
            completed her goal of reading 65 books in 2013!



        108 of 65 (100%)

          view books

I am thinking I will have to think up a goal list for 2014 though.... I kind of like the idea of having something to look back on. 

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