Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Boys

What’s been going on with my boys lately? This has been a pretty great period of time. They have started really trying to play together. I knew that having three years difference in age was going to make it interesting when it came to playtime. Unfortunately, I think it got postponed even longer because of Zachary not being mobile for so long. Malachi wanted to play with him…. It’s just kinda impossible with someone who doesn’t move around.

Now that Zach is crawling –really crawling – I find them playing with their cars together and Malachi running with some ongoing imaginative storyline while they’re playing. It’s so fun to see them interact and Malachi is so thrilled to have a playmate. I know it’s only going to get better as they get older and Zach finally starts walking.

In November we started physical therapy with Zach. He had started a sort of army crawl on his own, but I was happy when we started the actual physical therapy. He very quickly figured out how to crawl on all fours and then probably mid-December we finally got him to roll over from his back to his front! That was a huge break-through of its own. He had only rolled over a handful of times and was like a turtle when he was lying on his back. The day he came home from PT able to flip himself over was an exciting day! Now he is into everything – no cabinet is safe now. This is something I never really experienced with Malachi. Zach loves the kitchen cabinets. I might actually have to child-proof them. Small price to pay for a mobile toddler though. Next is working on standing and walking. He is still very resistant to this… but we’ll get there. I’m so happy that he’s crawling now, that I don’t really mind that he’s not walking yet.

Malachi had his first visit to the ER a couple weeks ago. He was sliding across the hardwood floor in our house and caught his knee on the heating grate in the floor. It tore a L-shaped hole in his knee. Of course I was at work, so Daddy brought him in to see me down in the Birth Center and then up to the ER they went. Zach hung out with me until grandma came to rescue him (I didn’t really want him up there with all those yucky ER germs) and Malachi ended up with six stitches. What an experience! Trying to keep those stitches in there for two weeks on the kneecap of a very active four-year-old boy! Glad they are out and we all survived it.

Aren't you glad I'm not posting pictures? I could have had a nice gory one here. =)

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