Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quick update

I still haven't gotten myself a new computer - which is why I'm still only basically posting book reviews. One of these days....

We've been pretty busy around here lately. At the moment, both of my boys are sick with some nasty bug, which means we are staying home and watching movies and I'm doing millions of loads of laundry... unfortunately. I'm praying I don't catch whatever they have - yuck. Anyway... since they're moving kinda slow today (the 5-year-old is currently sleeping!!) I thought I'd take the opportunity to write a little post.

We celebrated Malachi's 5th birthday party on March 22nd. I can't believe my boy is FIVE! He wanted a Seahawks themed party, so we served Game Day food and he wore his jersey. It was fun. His big gift from us was a new bike. It's SO big. 

We are trying to make decisions on school for Fall, which has been a bit stressful. I want Malachi to attend a public school Montessori school in our area. The complicated part though? We're out of the school district. I was all prepared to use my parents address to give him a higher chance of getting in, but I just couldn't bring myself to lie. If it had been a situation where we were just trying to switch to another regular school in a different district, I think I would have been fine. Since it's by priority though, I felt like I was cheating and decided that if he was really meant to be in that school, it didn't matter where he was on the list, he'd get in. Well.... he's currently on the waiting list. They say there is a lot of movement over the spring and summer, so I guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and if he doesn't get it - well - then it wasn't meant to be. The school in our neighborhood is supposed to be fairly good. Maybe he is just meant to go there. =)

Zach is currently crawling like a crazy-kid. He's into everything. He likes to get in all my cupboards and do things that Malachi never got into. We're still going to physical therapy every couple months, but I think he is definitely making good progress. Maybe he'll walk by his 2nd birthday if I'm lucky! 

His vocabulary is also growing steadily and that's always a fun stage. He's always pointing and saying "look!" everywhere we go. His new thing is that he waves to all "doggies". When we take walks or just see people around town with dogs he waves to the dog - not necessarily to the people. Ha! A veterinarian in our future maybe?

Okay... well,  that's it for the day, I guess. Got to get back to these sickies. 

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