Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Camping We Will Go!

This past weekend we went on our first camping trip of the summer. Each year we try to go camping a couple times, but usually we only make it out once. This Spring, my husband and I sat down and mapped out three different trips - two weekend and one week long trip. Hooray! I'm glad we got them booked onto the  calendar early because the summer sure fills up fast!

My parents went with us on this trip. It was fun and nice to have an extra eye out for the kids. Here's a view of our campsite. My husband does a lot of hunting in the Spring and Fall, so we'll amassed quite a collection of nice camping supplies over the years. The nicest thing we've bought is this Kodiak Canvas tent. It was definitely an investment, but my husband  claims it will last through lots of use and a house of boys. So far, so good. And it is very nice and comfy!
Our newest editions are the shower tent (upper right) and the camp kitchen (lower left). 

My husband asked for a Zodi Instant Hot Shower for his birthday. It heats water from a bucket with propane and then sends it through a hose to spray at the end.

My idea was the FatMax 4-in-1 Mobile Workstation. Okay... actually I saw it on Pinterest first and thought it was amazing!! It folds up into a contained unit and folds out like a tackle box so you can get to everything. We got rid of two large plastic bins of camping kitchen supplies with this one unit!

I'm still waiting for my little Zachary to start walking. We're still doing physical therapy and moving in the right direction, but he spent most of his time on a strip of carpet (middle photo) so he wouldn't have to crawl in the dirt. He was getting pretty cranky by the end of the trip and wanting to be held a lot. Not that I blame him, but he'd sure be a lot less frustrated if he just decided to walk and could go where he wants to!

This was a good trial run for our BIG trip coming up in July. I'm a bit nervous about it actually. We are going to make a 800 mile trip (one way) to Yellowstone National Park. We're going to camp outside the park for 5 nights and then take one to two nights to drive home. I'm trying to be ultra prepared for everything, so I have everything planned down to the smallest thing - I hope! I'm really hoping Zach will be walking by then, but if not,  I've decided I'll buy him a small tarp to play on, so he has a bigger space (but please be walking!)

I'm scouring Pinterest for the best camping and road trip ideas! If you have any to share, I'd love to hear them!

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