Monday, June 9, 2014

Favorite Things Party 2014

This past Friday night I hosted my second annual Favorite Things party. Have you seen these around Pinterest? That's where I found it originally and it sounded so fun! Last year around this time, I hosted the first one and it was a success! I decided it definitely needed to be something to be planned again.

This year I did everything about the same - unfortunately I completely forgot to take any before photos! Ack! So... all my documenting is from after the party. Ah well...
I placed a sign right inside the entry door with two buckets. One bucket for the Favorite Things exchange and one for a door prize. I found this cute chevron paper at Michaels that I just sliced up with the paper cutter for people to write their names on.

I decorated some little kraft paper bags with ribbons and flowers that matched my invitations I sent out.

As our "icebreaker", I had put about 5 M&Ms in little paper cups and we went around the room. Each color stood for its own category. It took a little longer than I expected, but it was fun. Next time I might limit the number of questions/colors to make it a little shorter. 

Its always fun to have an opportunity to break out the pretty stuff that you stash away because you don't want your kids to ruin it. I got out my pretty lace tablecloth and dishes that my grandma gave me out of her stash at her house. 

That big picture up there is an example of what Favorite Things were brought to the party. I got cleansing wipes, peppermint tea, a free drink to a local juice bar and some yummy snacks. Other things brought were: a plant, soaps, kitchen canisters with goodies inside, hair gel, and.... that's all I remember. =)

Lastly, we made a peppermint and lime foot soak that I found on Pinterest. It was a fun way to end the evening and everyone got to take home a little pampering.

It was a fun night and I'm thinking it needs to be an annual event. One guest thanked me for inviting her to a party that didn't require her to be pressured into buying or selling a product. I realized... it's true. Many of our get-togethers are "home parties" where we have to buy something. It IS nice to just get together to visit! Maybe next year I'll remember to take pictures! 

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