Monday, June 30, 2014

Sick Days

Some days just don't go as planned. We had a big week last week. Malachi had Vacation Bible School all week and I volunteered and then Zachary's 2nd birthday (sniff, sniff) party was on Saturday. We were running from one thing to the next. Well.. yesterday when I was at work, my little newly-two boy got sick. Too much fun apparently finally caught up with him.

So this was today. No fun. We had a pajama day. I was up with this guy at 5:30am catching up on Downtown Abbey episodes I am STILL trying to get through (I've seriously been trying to watch Season 3 for months now....) I was supposed to be at book club - but sometimes we just need a day at home, right? Sometimes I am I SO thankful for a day to do nothing. I'd rather it not be because my baby is sick, but we still got a lot of good moments out of the day, so I'll take it.

Hoping for a fever-free day tomorrow and another day at home. =)

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