Friday, July 11, 2014

Woodland Themed Birthday Party!

I thought I'd share a few pictures of Zach's 2nd birthday party. We did a Woodland Theme. This is also how his bedroom is decorated, so I thought I'd just carry it through to a birthday party. Of course I scoured Pinterest for ideas and I think it turned out pretty cute. =)

First the food: I had my husband cut me these little wood rounds from his firewood stash in the backyard for my labels. I stole that idea from someone online.... can't remember where though. I used a collection of similar ideas from several sites to make up my food names and selections. I had Teddy Grahams in the bowl "Don't Feed the Bears", fresh fruit in the decorated white cups for "Forest Berries", banana chips for "Chipmunk Chips", gummy frogs and worms (Malachi was super impressed by the fact that there were gummy worms! lol). My mom made me some really cute Owl cookies (which I apparently never took a photo of) and those cute little acorn candies (Hershey kiss, peanut butter candy melt and a peanut butter chip). I also made some little cream cheese sandwhiches. One with salmon cream cheese and one with regular cream cheese and cucumbers. Yum!

I made this funny tree for the front door out of a roll of brown paper and some scrapbooking paper. Its a little goofy, but I thought it was cute. My friend Stephanie made this awesome cake. She has made all the birthday cakes for my boys' parties and I think they get better every year! This one had cute little frosting animals and mushrooms all over it. I found Zach on top of the dining room table a few days later munching on the animals!

Here's the birthday boy. His favorite part? The balloons. =) 

Can't believe my baby is TWO!! I'm a little traumatized if I'm honest. 

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