Thursday, June 12, 2014

Travel Pillow Project Completed!

A few weeks ago I found a tutorial for one of those travel pillows for kids. You know.. one of those ones that attaches to the seat belt, so their head doesn't dangle. I wasn't too sure about the safety of them, but then I realized there really isn't any pillow between the belt and the kid, so it's probably okay.

I took Malachi to JoAnn's to pick out his own fabric. He was on the search for monster truck fabric, but we came away with some Transformer's fabric. Good thing I had a 50% coupon because it was $9.99 a yard! (seriously??)

I spent the last couple days sewing it up from this tutorial over at Life Simplified. After I got past my irritating tension issues with my sewing machine, it went pretty quickly and I think it turned out pretty good!

I'm sure it will be great for our week-long camping trip next month. Probably not something I'll let him use in the car all the time, but will be great for longer trips when he usually falls asleep.

Now we just have to try it out!!

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