Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's All Fun and Games Until....

Well, we are having quite the interesting experience in public school this year. If you've been following me at all, then you'll know I've not been too excited about it all along. I've been trying to keep an open mind and I've also been telling myself it's going to get better..... but it has really yet to do so unfortunately. I feel like every week something happens to frustrate me and they are starting to really build up. 

Malachi seems to be having a good time so far though. His favorite subjects are PE and recess (of course!). He seems to be doing well and getting along okay with the other kids. Most of my complaints stem from the fact that there are 23 kids in his classroom and only one poor teacher! I think she seriously needs some help other than us parent volunteers once or twice a week.

Last Friday I got my first call from the school nurse. I'm actually surprised it took this long to happen. =) Apparently Malachi and another kid collided on the playground and Malachi came away with a big bump on his eyebrow bone. It's been quite interesting to watch the progression of colors everyday as it heals. 

I am in no way blaming this one on the school... this was completely an accident caused by rambunctious boys playing. It's almost comical how terrible his eye looks considering it wasn't actually his eye that got hit. I'm almost afraid to take him out in public because of the comments and stares we get! I told him it looks like he was in a UFC fight!

It is now Wednesday of the week following this collision and his eye still looks basically like the one in the fourth picture. Good thing school pictures have already been taken! I was taking daily pictures (obviously) but when I figured out how long it was going to  take to go away I decided to ease up. =)

Anyway... here's hoping to this being the only incident with the nurse this year. =)

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