Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back to Normal

This week marks the first week getting things back to normal. Malachi is back to school - although he's not too happy about it - and Zach and I are starting up all our regular activities this week also.

I was quite proud that I have a meal plan done for the month, shopped Monday morning for my meals for the week, my husband are doing this fun little eating challenge (100 Days of Mini-Pledges) and I started my 12 week fitness program Monday also. Hopefully I can get past the first 2-3 weeks without pooping out this time!!!

One thing I decided before Christmas is that Zach and I were just a little too busy. We had:
Book Club - one Monday a month
Bible Study - every Tuesday
I work a 10 hr shift - every other Wednesday and Friday
Zachary's toddler class - every Thursday
MOPS - two Friday's a month

This doesn't count the two nights a week I meet up with a friend to walk, bunco nights and game nights with two different groups of friends and any other extra appointments! Too busy!

So I decided something had to go. So I chose Tuesday morning Bible study. I feel a tiny bit guilty about it since it a good, worthwhile thing to do, but it was one of the only things we did EVERY week that I could cut. 

I've also been on a weird cleaning/organizing craze this week. I've been going through boxes that I'm not sure I've looked at since we moved here. Yesterday I discovered a box of crafting stuff and fabric. Some of it I didn't think I would ever use, the fabric I put with the rest of my stash and found new homes for the other few misc things. Hooray! A box to the Goodwill and an empty space for me to organize later.

Today I plan to go through a box that's been sitting on Malachi's floor (again... since we moved here 2  years ago!) that I'm pretty sure has none of HIS stuff in it. I am even feeling the bug to do some painting.... Malachi's room is the only room left that I wanted to repaint/redecorate when we first got here and I'm feeling like doing it. My husband says I'm tempting fate and will jinx us into having to move, but oh well. 

Back to getting a jump on Spring cleaning!

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