Wednesday, March 11, 2015

No Zombies

I have learned something about myself this week. I am caught up on watching Downton Abbey and I don't have another show I'm currently watching, so I decided I needed to pick something new from Netflix. My options were Once Upon A Time or The Walking Dead. I actually watched a good portion of Once Upon A Time the first season, but because of my work schedule and not having DVR at the time, I got behind and finally gave it up. I liked it, but for some reason I thought I should try watching something really new - to me.

Sooo... during Zachary's nap the other afternoon I put on the first episode of The Walking Dead. Now... I read a lot of books... a lot of paranormal and fantasy books. I have watched and read about werewolves, vampires and witches, but apparently I am not cut out for zombies. I watched most of the first episode, but I was kinda grossed out by the time Zach woke up and finally I just turned it off. Something about that rotting flesh, I think. No zombies for me... back to messed up fairy tales I go. =)

Malachi has been home sick a lot the last few weeks. Kindergarten is kicking our butts lately. A couple Sunday's ago he threw up so hard that he broke all the blood vessels in his face! I had no idea that could even happen and kinda freaked out and took him to the doctor. He was totally fine the next day, but I kept him home until I could get a note from the doctor because his poor face looked so bad.

He's home again today with a bad cough.... I am so ready for all the sickness to be gone!

Other than that we're just laying low at the moment. Zach is turning into a little two-year-old dictator and driving us all crazy. I think I am about ready to dig out my Mommy School stuff I did with Malachi about this age. 

My husband and I are currently exploring options for Malachi's school next year. We are not too impressed with our neighborhood school and we're not too convinced a new teacher next year is going to help the situation. This month has going to a couple different informational meetings to see what else might be out there for us to consider, so that should be interesting if nothing else.

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