Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!!!

Malachi and I have been enjoying the Easter Holy Week. I wanted to be a bit more intentional about talking about the Easter story with him this year and it just happened to be half days all week at school, so it was the perfect opportunity to do some Easter projects.

On Monday we made Restoration Eggs. This is something I just happened to come across on Pinterest and thought it would be a great way to remind us to talk about the Easter story each day. You are supposed to start 12 days before Easter, but since we just made them the Monday before, we've been doubling up and doing two eggs each day.

The idea behind the eggs is that each of the 12 eggs is filled with a symbol from an event of Holy Week. Each day we open an egg (or two) and then talk about that symbol and read a passage from our Bible.

Malachi helped me collect all the symbols for the eggs and then we have been enjoying reading all the passages each day. I think it has given him a better understanding of the sacrifice Jesus made for us at Easter.

(We used a couple examples from different people on Pinterest, but here was one of the examples we pulled from.)

We've also made several trips to the library this week for some good Easter reading. Some fun and some religious. I really enjoyed The Story of Easter by Aileen Fisher which explains how our current Easter has come from a combination of old Spring Festival holidays and the Christian story of Jesus.

We also really enjoyed The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Elwell Hunt and a book I bought off Amazon Benjamin's Box by Melody Carlson which ties in with our restoration eggs.

Of course, Zach has enjoyed Max's Chocolate Chicken by Rosemary Wells and A Tale of Easter by Tasha Tudor.

We also decorated Easter eggs this week... because that's the thing Malachi wanted to do the most obviously. He also had apparently forgotten how good egg salad sandwiches are and so I had to re-introduce that to him. =)

And our final project of the week was making Resurrection Rolls. This is something I've seen around for a few years and keep meaning to do with the boys... but... I just never do. Oops. So I made sure I did it this year.

Crescent rolls (the tomb), marshmallows (Jesus' body), spices and butter (oil and spices) all wrapped up in a cocoon and baked for 12 minutes (3 days) was a great illustration for the resurrection when they came up hollow inside... and really yummy too!
(Here is a link to the recipe we used for our Resurrection Rolls)

I hope your week was great and you and your family have a wonderful Easter celebrating Jesus' resurrection tomorrow. =)

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