Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Paw Patrol Birthday Party

Zachary is THREE - three! - how did that happen? This was a exciting birthday because this was his first birthday where he was walking independently! Hooray!! Some parents get excited when their child is walking by their first birthday - I'm thrilled that he's walking at his third. =) 

Zach's most favorite thing at the moment is Nick Jr's Paw Patrol. I have to admit, of all the cartoons out there, this one is pretty good. It's less annoying than a lot of the other options. I'm always a little anti character-themed parties, but he loves it so much that I made an exception this year.

We were celebrating on a Sunday afternoon after church and were going to be out of town most of that Saturday, so I couldn't have too much crazy prep going on.

My mom helped me out and printed this banner from the Nick Jr website and sewed it to a ribbon. Thanks Mom!

My friend Stephanie made this cake for the party. Zach thought it was great that all the puppies were on it. =)

Of course he got some great Paw Patrol gifts that he and his brother have spent the next few days arguing over.....

I checked out some other great party's on Pinterest and picked my favorite ideas from a few. My husband grilled hot dogs for everyone, we had Pawtato Salad, Pupcorn and two types of Puppy Chow. I did the Cinnamon Curro and S'mores Puppy Chow (that one was a huge hit). I bought these great dog bowls at Dollar Tree! They were the perfect serving size for my snacks! I downloaded the blank food labels from Mom's Tot School and just hand wrote on them with a Sharpie.

Here's a lovely mid-party messy view of the table.... =)

I did get some Paw Patrol plates, napkins, tablecloth and balloons for the party. Although we had a few late minute RSVPs, so I dug in my past party supplies and found some blue plates and red napkins to supplement! Whew!

We just had lemonade in my lovely teardrop dispenser from World Market (I just couldn't handle drinking something that was called "Toilet Water" like I saw of a few other sites...) and some mason jar cups with fun straws. I printed off a little sign for the front door (sorry for the blurry photo) and printed off some graphics from the Nick Jr website for gift bags. The name tags were some more blank food labels from Mom's Tot School

I wish I'd remembered to take a photo of what was inside the gift bags, but it was a packet of coloring pages I'd printed off the Nick Jr website, a 4-pack of crayon's from Party City in Paw Patrol boxes, a small doggie tennis ball (Target), a mask of one of the dogs, a package of Annie's fruit snacks and some Paw Patrol tattoos and stickers also purchased at Party City.

It was a fun party, but I'm happy that the party-planning is now over for the year - birthday's are stressful! =)

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