Monday, October 26, 2009

Some recent projects...

Some of my recent projects....
Gray Rag Newborn Hat

Pumpkin Onesie for my baby boy

Cute soft baby blocks for my litte guy!

Playing with them =)

Cupcake Onesie for... I don't know. Currently selling it!

Sock Monkey soft blocks... also currently selling. Isn't this the cutest fabrics?

I'm loving the soft blocks! My baby loves them. They are not too full, so he can grab onto them and chew on them. The ones I'm keeping have cotton prints for four sides and cotton terry cloth for two. I like the terry cloth because it gives a little different texture to the blocks. The Sock Monkey print is out of flannel, which I also think is really nice and cuddly for baby and then also has some terry cloth. Love!

Here was my basic pattern - Baby Blocks from a great site! I kept the pattern basically the same except I think in the future I may iron on a fuseable interfacing to the inside so that the fabric just stays a tiny bit stiffer when stuffed.

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