Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am currently waiting for two knitting books from the library. I have been basically knitting the same two styles of baby hats forever. I finally decided to branch out and try some new ones. I was originally going to buy a book, but I couldn't decide (and what if I thought they were too hard!), so I finally found a couple at our local library. These are the ones I'm going to try first.:

Baby Knits: Head to Toes!
by Gwen Steege

Itty-Bitty Hats: cute and cuddly caps
to knit for babies and toddlers
by Susan Anderson

Soooo... I'm super excited to try them out. I think I'm especailly looking forward to the second one, but it looks like I'll get the Baby Knits book first.

Baby Knits also has some booties, I think, so maybe I'll even try those although I'm mostly interested in the hats.

Hopefully they come soon! I'll post pictures!

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