Sunday, February 7, 2010

And Life Goes On...

Well, it's definately a cliche, but true. I haven't worked on any fun projects yet (and still haven't finished my last Christmas stocking!), but it's been kind of a hard month. For the past six months my grandma has been going through treatment for colon cancer. She's had just about every complication possible from surgeries, to infections and anything else that could go wrong. They finally got rid of the cancer and was supposed to be on the road to recovery, but some of the radiation had damaged a part of her small intestine and when they tried to remove it I guess her body just gave up. It can't seem to heal itself - so they told us she only has a matter of days - and that was a week ago.

In some ways, I'm thankful for the extra time to say goodbye. I know as well as she does where she is going is a better place and I'm happy for her that soon she's going to have a perfect body once again and to be with ourJesus. But, it's still hard to let her go - selfish really, I guess. But isn't that human nature? And I feel bad that she's gone through all this treatment and is not going to have a better outcome... but then I think... what am I saying? Isn't going to heaven the best outcome there is? No more suffering, no more sadness or heartache? It's like that new Toby Keith song, "I'm not crying cuz I feel so sorry for ya, I'm crying for me"

So anyway... it's a sad week. She's still hanging on, but is no longer awake when we go to visit her. I've been keeping myself busy reading some new books though Queen Betsy the Vampire Queen. They have a lot of foul language, but the story line is good enough that I can still enjoy them. =)

I've been reading a couple of my favorite blogs, The Noodleheads and Stardust Shoes and am starting to feel like starting a new project, so we'll see what I come up with soon.

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