Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Cards

Well, no current sewing projects... I think I was out of the house every single day this week for at least one thing and maybe two or three things! I hate weeks like that. I am looking forward to having a few days at home.... not sure when that's going to happen though - I will probably have to plan it!

Well, my baby is about to turn ONE! I can't believe how fast it's gone... I know everyone always says that, but I honestly tried to enjoy every single minute of this year - even those horrible colicky months at the beginning - and it STILL feels like it went by more quickly than I thought possible.

Soooo... it's time to plan a party and I originally was going to do a construction theme, but then I found so many cute acitivites for kids a couple years older that I decided to hold off and use that one in a year or two. Also, I found some really cute stuff at Party City for 1st birthday parties and figured I can't do THAT again, so I might as well.  I am only going to use a few of their things, like party hat and maybe a banner or a plate for Little Guy, but I'm taking their primary color theme and going with that.

I decided to make my own invitations instead of using their un-original fill-in-the-blank kind. They were really fun and easy to make:

Excuse my pictures... I took them with my cell phone. =)

Here's my supplies:

These are my three papers I used: pre-cut red cardstock, blue (molecules?) printed scrapbooking paper (cut slightly smaller than the red paper) and my white copy paper with my info printed on it.

First I cut out my number ones:

Next I glued my white paper to my blue paper:

Then I glued my blue paper to my red paper and punched the holes for my cute primary colored brads:

Put in multi-colored brads on three corners:

Put mounting squares on the back of my 1 and stuck it onto my card!

Whoo hoo! Finished!

This was super easy and I think looks really cute! Now, on to figuring out what I'm going to do for the rest of the party. =)

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