Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More finished projects and Shower Gift

I'm back in my knitting groove. I've ordered a new pattern and yarn (and needles!) from KnitPicks.com and am patiently (not!) waiting for it to arrive. I also finished a couple new newborn hats - one to sell or keep for a future unknown person and one shower gift.

I planned to post pictures, but seem to have misplaced my camera at the moment - but here is one that is similar:
This is exactly like the hat I made just because. I also made one that is the same, except for it is a green, tan and white yarn. I am planning on adding a cute little pom-pom to the top of both, I think.

Like this one below:

Cute huh!? Anyway... I am giving the green/tan/white one to a friend who asked me last week if she could "borrow" a few of Malachi's newborn hats for newborn photography photos of her baby due the end of April. I said sure, of course, but told her I might as well make him his own. And... obviously she didn't say no to that! =) So that second one is going to him and I'm very excited!

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