Monday, May 24, 2010

My adorable son...

My son is adorable. I know I am slightly biased, but I'm pretty sure everyone else thinks so too. He is now 14 months old (how did that happen!) and he is, of course, the most wonderful thing thath has every happened to me. He is small for his age and I think that just adds to his cuteness.

Anyway... I decided I need to start recording some of his cute doings, so that I will remember them. Time just goes by so fast and even though I try to enjoy every minute and every stage he goes through - time just keeps marching forward.

His newest thing is that he blows kisses. I was trying to teach him to blow kisses and say "love you" at night before bedtime. Then one day, I was leaving for work and I waved and said "love you!" and he put his little hand up to his mouth and moved it back and forth like he was blowing kisses to me. This has probably been going on for a couple weeks now and I just LOVE it! Now almost any time I tell him I love him, he makes that motion. I think it's his way of saying "I love you too, mom."  Then yesterday, he hit me in the face (also a new thing and not so cute) and I had to get very stern and hold his hand. Of course he teared up and made a sad face, so after a minute (or maybe 20 seconds, who knows) I said, "You know mommy loves you." and he put his little hand up to do his blowing kisses motion - with those little tears still!

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