Friday, June 4, 2010

Cabinet Latch

Found this little number at Target the other day - wish I could find a picture of the packaging before I opened it, so I could see what it was called. This has been a life-saver for us! We have one of those entertianment centers with the magnetic doors - you know, you push it to close it and then push it to open it. Great, unless you have a toddler to get into it. Up until this point, we've been using clear packaging tape across the doors to keep him out. As you can probably guess, it was only a matter of time until he figured out how to pull that off. Earlier this week, I discovered he had gotten into the loose DVDs inside and somehow managed to slip a library DVD under the whole entertianment center and we had to fish it out with a coat hanger!

Anyway... it's a Safety 1st thingy and it's wonderful. You just attach one of those little white things to each side and then the strap stays inside. When you want to open it, you just push in two little buttons on one side and da da! No more scratched DVD or messed up settings!

Well, here I found a picture of it. Couldn't find it on the Target website, although that's where I bought it and I didn't spend $8. I think it was under $5 It was a Safety 1st product and was just with all the other stuff, like outlet covers and the like.

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