Monday, June 28, 2010

Signature & Trader Joe's

So, I'm super happy with myself because I figured out how to make a signature for my blog! Thanks to The Frugal Free Gal's post on how to do it!

Anyway... I had lots planned today, but ended up just cleaning my house and going for a walk with one of my good friends. Then we took off for Trader Joe's. I don't know if everyone knows what a Trader Joe's is... I didn't until we got one. It basically sells local and mostly organic products at really good prices.

Well... they sell some yummy fresh pizza dough and I wanted to get some... and they sell bananas for .19/lb versus about .60/lb at the local grocery store! You can even get organic bananas for .29/lb! Amazing! This store is WAY on the other side of town from me, but once in a while I make a special trip just because it's fun to go and they have yummy stuff. I also picked up some fresh turkey patties, cheese and some salt and vinegar chips and ta da! dinner!

Okay... this is sort of a rambly post (rambly? is that a word?), but that was kinda like my day. Tomorrow will be interesting because I'm meeting my in-laws to go see the new movie in the Twilight series... mm... maybe the beginning of a post for tomorrow. There is a little story behind it.


sara said...

Love Trader Joe's! I always get into trouble with their snacky stuff and of course their wine...mmmm...snacks and wine.

Elsie said...

I know! I went for bananas and pizza dough and came out with granola and those bags of freeze dried fruit!

Annie D said...

Trader Joe's has the BEST coffee! I'm stopping by from today's blog hop, I'm a new follower :)

Kim said...

I'm a whole foods junkie. Not sure if it's the same as a trader joe's, but I hear it is. I'm a new follower from TTA, hope you'll follow me back. :)