Friday, July 16, 2010

Reading Recommendation

I've been reading this book Casting Off by Nicole R. Dickson for the past week and LOVED it. It's one of those books I never would have picked up, but someone suggested it to me and so I read it.

So now I'm recommending it to you. =)

I'm not that good at reviews or whatever, so I'll kind of summerize the back cover:
Casting Off
1. Ending a knitted work.
2. Releasing lines holding a boat to its mooring.
3. Letting go...

Set on a tiny island off the west coast of Ireland, the fisherman's handmade sweaters tell a story. Rebecca Moray and her daughter Rowan go there to research a book on Irish knitting. Rebecca hopes to forget her painful past and learn how to make a home for herself and her daughter.

Rowan befriends Sean Morahan, a cankankerous old fisherman, despite his attempts to scare her off and her mother's misgivings about him. Morahan and Rebecca find themselves on a collision course - with Rowan caught between them - each buffeted by waves of regret and recrimination. Only by walking headfirst into the winds will they find the faith to forgive without forgetting... and reach the shore.

This book isn't really about knitting, but it is in the background of the whole story. It's about love, loss, forgiveness and redemption. The small Irish island sets a beautiful backdrop to the story. I highly recommend it.

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