Friday, August 20, 2010

Cloth Diaper Story

People who know me well, know that I'm a part-time cloth diaperer. What does that mean? I means that I use cloth when I'm at home (most of the time), but when we go out I usually use disposables. I especially like the cost-effectiveness of cloth and that there aren't nasty chemicals on my baby - and then there's the added bonus of it being eco-friendly!

My mom and I did a lot of cloth diaper research when I got pregnant and we visited the local cloth diaper store, Simple Cloth. I was so surprised to learn how much cloth diapering had changed since my mom did it when I was a baby! It's practically as easy as using a disposable these days. And there are so many options! It's almost overwhelming to tell you the truth - all-in-ones, prefolds, diaper covers, pocket diapers, one size, fitteds, snappis....

Anyway... we decided to go the BumGenuis route. It seemed to be the most popular in my research - but the up front cost was quite substantial - a 12-pack was over $200. Somehow my mom starting researching making diapers, and she discovered that she could buy the supplies and MAKE cloth diapers similar to what I wanted for a tiny fraction of the cost to buy them (I could not have done this one my own... my mom is just a super seamstress!).

I'll post some pictures of them when I get a chance.

The cool thing about it is that instead of having to buy all one-size diapers, she was able to make me actual small, medium (and eventually large) sized diapers, so they fit my little man better. Yes, we've had our share of issues while figuring it out - and my Little Guy is on the thin side, so I've had some leaking issues in the past, but we've really been doing good lately. I think he's finally fitting into his current size almost perfectly at the moment and mom and I have figured out some good inserts and he has even been able to take naps without leaks. (yay!)

Soooo.... I've been really trying to use my cloth more and more lately. I have only been using a disposable at night while at home AND I've even ventured out of the house on several occasions lately with a cloth diaper on him!   Side rant: I am still committed to not using them when I'm at church or places where someone else might have to change him... if people don't know what to do with a cloth diaper, I just feel like it makes them resent your kid or not want to change him/her (umm... I work in the nursery... that's how I felt pre-baby). I'd rather them be excited that my Little Guy is coming in rather than thinking, "oh man... here comes that kid with the cloth diaper again!" That's only my personal opinion because I've been on that side of it - don't send me hate mail about it. =)

So, that's my current cloth story... I'm proud of myself for sticking with my cloth and that I'm actually using them more and more. I'm thinking we might actually go for using them outside of the house more, now that they seem to be fitting so well.

I do have one BumGenius 3.0 that I like a lot and one Fuzzibunz that I'm not so fond of. I'd love to hear what people favorites are - they are always coming out with something new. Have you ever thought of making your own or never considered it?


sara said...

I've considered it, but my husband stays home with our little one and he's not so good with the diapering part...not sure he could hang with cloth :)

Elsie said...

Yeah... my husband was pretty gung ho about it at the beginning and now he gets annoyed if I leave the house and he gets stuck with a "dirty diaper in the cloth one!" haha