Sunday, September 5, 2010

Busy, Busy Day

My day today started off with a bang - I woke up super late. Does that ever happen to you? You wake up thinking of the stuff you have to do and then you look at the clock and realized what time it is and then - all of a sudden you are WIDE AWAKE and jumping out of bed and running around like a crazy person?

That was how my day started today.

I work in the Toddler room at our church every Sunday morning during the 10:45 service time. Usually I attend the 9:00 am service first and then work the second one. Well, because of my crazy work schedule lately I decided to sleep in a little this morning and just go to work my commitment. Uh, yeah. I woke up at 9:51 am. I had to be there at 10:30 and it takes me 25 minutes to drive there. Needless to say... I was a little late, but I made it there in less than an hour from when I work up, which I thought was pretty awesome.

Then I had to do a few errands and got home and put the Little Guy down for a nap. At 3:00 pm I had to go wake him up and take off for a wedding - that was about 40 minute drive away. But first, I had to drop him off with my friend at the church (luckily on the way) who was watching him.

Was at the wedding from 5:00 - 8:00 pm when I got a text from her. She had taken him home and put him down for bed and let the dogs out and one of my dogs decided to take off. Unfortunately, this is quite the normal occurance. My dog, Moose, is an escape artist. He can go over and/or under the fence in the backyard. He runs off even if I'm out there with him! He likes to chase all the deer and bunnies and stuff we have out here. Here is a picture of the pathetic, offending dog.

Anyway... by the time I drove my 40 minutes back home, it was almost dark, I had called my husband (who is hunting his weekend) complained about how I was always out looking for this stupid dog, but there was nothing to do, but drive around looking for him. Another 30 - 40 minutes later, it's pitch dark, I've driven around the development and up and down a dozen streets, stopped and asked people in their yards, etc. I finally prayed and told God that this was it, I was going down this street once more and then I was going home and to bed with or without the dog. I went down to the end, turned around in the cul-de-sac and started driving out... and there he is. Running up the street to my car. I was half angry and mostly relieved.

So... I am going to bed now. I'm super tired... it's been a crazy day.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday tomorrow!

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