Saturday, September 4, 2010

Maid Service?

So, I think it may be a bad sign when you friend/babysitter comes to your house and when you come home all your clothes are folded and your sink is clean and the dishwasher has been run. I have an awesome friend and (secretly) love it when she comes over because I know I'm going to come home to a cleaner house. But, I think it's (my bad cleaning habits) are getting a little out-of-control.

I'm not sure what the deal is, but since I've had the Little Guy my house-cleaning has really gone down the tubes. I'm not sure if it has something to do with how I feel that I need to do it all a certain way and am too much of a perfectionist about it (so, don't do it at all) or if I'm just lazy, but I avoid cleaning things.

Tonight my mom was at my house babysitting the Little Guy and called to ask me when the last time I cleaned my downstairs bathroom was? I barely ever use that bathroom, so I don't really go in it that much. Cleaned it? Ha! Don't remember. Of course, other people use that bathroom all the time, even though I don't. It's the only one downstairs. Sad.

I have been especially bad since I've been working this crazy schedule at work with my two night shifts every week. I just don't have the energy to clean after that stint and then by the time I've recovered, it's back to work again. I don't what you to think my house is totally gross - I don't think the average person coming in would know... I mean... I did just shampoo my carpets.

So... here's the plan. I've talked about the FlyLady cleaning program before (I used to faithfully do it and I had a nice clean house!). The FlyLady believes in small steps that helps you not get overwhelmed. You do a few routines and you work in a "Zone" for one week. Whatever area is your "Zone" is where you do your deep cleaning for the week.... but you only do it in 15 minute spurts (It's amazing what you can get accomplished in 15 minutes of focused cleaning!). She also has a weekly "Home Blessing Hour". One hour of doing 7 tasks, such as changing your sheets, taking out the garbage in every room, polish mirrors and doors, dust, etc - for only ten minutes each.

Back to the plan - The month of September I'm going to faithfully follow her program. I have everything I need - my areas broken down into zones, my detailed cleaning lists set up, etc - I just need to DO IT.

This coming week - September 6-10 the Zone will be The Kitchen. My kitchen and dining room are kind of one room, so I'm going to do that area. I'm actually a little excited about the prospect. I'm going to report in here on Friday to keep myself accountable and see how well I did. I'm determined to get my house back into shape.

Wish me luck!

(if you'd like to check out the FlyLady - check out her website here! Start with the BabySteps!)


Jane said...

Just because I love you the downstairs bathroom has been cleaned. After all, I guess I'm the one that usually uses it.

Jane said...

And I'll join you on the Flylady challenge...because your house is so much more fun to clean than my own. You could call and ask me when the last time I cleaned my bathroom was and I wouldn't know either.

MKS said...

Good luck on your cleaning adventure! :) I have really been slacking off as well. THANK YOU for the fly lady link. I'm going to check it out!

Cathy said...

Good luck! I'm a new follower from the blog hop. What a cute blog you've got! Nice to meet you!