Monday, September 13, 2010

Forks/Twilight Trip

I'm back from my trip with the in-laws to visit Forks, WA - home of Twilight. It was the Stephenie Meyer Festival Weekend up there celebrating Bella's birthday. We did a bunch of activities last year, so we tried to hit some different ones this year:

My neice dressed as Victoria and two other look-a-likes

My neice won for the Victoria look-a-like
Quileute Tribal Dancing (the coolest part!)
I LOVED the Quileute Tribal dancing. It was so neat to see them do their native dancing. I didn't realize before this trip that wolves really are a part of the Quileute culture. I thought that was just something Stephenie Meyer made up so she could use Shape-shifters (werewolves) in her books. We were able to witness several "Spirit Dances" of which we were not allowed to video tape or take pictures of because they are sacred. These were also called "Wolf Dances" because they have men dressed in wolf costumes. Soooo neat!

We also visited the Largest Spruce Tree in the world because we were staying at Lake Quinault (about 1 hour from Forks) and the spruce is in the Quinault Rain Forest. Gee... lived up to its name that day... raining.

Me - under the white hood, my MIL, SIL and neices

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