Friday, September 10, 2010

Treasures in the Mail

Yesterday was a fun day to go to the mailbox. I think my family thinks I'm crazy because I'm doing all this stuff, penpals, giveaways, book swaps... etc., but it really makes it fun to get your mail everyday. No more dreading what bills are in there, but looking forward to FUN STUFF!

Here was my loot from yesterday:

I Spy toy from aebaby for our trip to Texas at the end of October (read more about that here). I side note about aebaby - I contacted aebaby because I wanted a gender neutral fabric used for my toy and there weren't any listed (although I'd seen them in the shop before). She sent me two graphics picturing available fabrics to choose from. Then I said which one I wanted (this was on Sunday) and she make me a custom toy and mailed it out on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday). Awesome customer service.

Then at the end of August I entered a giveaway over at Fabulous Family Reviews and one a Whamies Cloth Diaper! Whoo hoo! 587 entries and I won - how exciting!

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