Friday, September 10, 2010

Why My Husband is So Wonderful

As I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about, I'm working all these yucky night shifts at work for the past 6 weeks. I hate it and I'm slowing getting the life drained out of me. After tonight, I will only have 2 weeks left! Yay! And whether or not my co-worker comes back from maternity leave or not, I'm going back to my regular schedule.... let someone else work this shift for awhile.

Anyway... that's off topic... this post is about how wonderful my husband is. Haha. So... I get to work tonight - I'm super tired already and just cranky about being here - I see a huge vase of roses behind the desk. Now... this is not an uncommon sight... I work in the Birth Center... people get flower delivered here regularly.

Me (joking to my co-worker): Maria Elena! Did you get me flowers?

MariaElena: No darling... they are for me!

Me: Oh, okay. =)

Then I walk back there - my name is on them! I was like "oooh! They ARE for me!"

Today, September 10th, is my 5 year wedding anniversary. My wonderful husband sent me this lovely vase of red roses at work for our anniversary! Isn't that sweet? Totally made my night.

He has always been a romantic. Most people don't believe me when I say this, because he seems very rough and tough to most people. But ever since we were first together he'd leave me flowers on my doorstep to find in the morning on my way to school, or on my car when I came out from work or school. He'd leave me notes on my car or in my violin case to find. He's really very sweet. Obviously some of that has dwindled since being married, but that almost makes it more special when he does it on these special days.

Sometimes I feel like we've been married a lot longer than our five years because we dated for so long beforehand. We dated for six years before we got married because I was still in high school when we started dating and I was determined to finish college before getting married! That puts us at 11 years now that we've been together! It's amazing to think it's been that long! We've been together longer than most of my friends have even known their spouses.

Anyway... I may post some wedding pictures later today when I get back home. Maybe I'll even share my proposal story - it's a good one! More evidence that my husband is a romantic.

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