Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My mom and I were talking about words that my Little Guy says. Now this is not an exhaustive list of everything that he HAS said because there are a few words that he's come out with here and there, but these are a list of the ones he says on a regular basis.

"Doggie" (more like dog-EEE)
"Dada" or "Daddy"
"Gramma" (sometimes easily confused with "mama")
"that" and "this" while pointing
"Olivia" (barely distinguishable, but he DOES says it)

Okay... all of these make sense (except I'm not really sure what's up with the "this" and "that" bit), but Olivia.

Let me explain - we do not watch much TV. He's not really interested in TV. Once in awhile I get bored and want something on in the background and turn on the Nick Jr. channel. No commericals, most of the shows are okay (although I DO still turn off some of them). But even if I have it on, he might watch it for 5 -10 minutes and then he's done with it. Fine with me! =) It's usually on for about 30 -60 minutes before I turn it off depending on what's on.

But his favorite show is Olivia. You know... the one with the pig. He LOVES her. I got a couple Olivia books from the library and he would ask for them everyday. He sees her on TV and he's like "Olivia!" Which is a super hard word to say, I think.

Anyway... I just think its funny. Out of all the words he could choose to say, that's one of them. It couldn't be like "Blue" from Blue's Clues or something easy. I think we might be buying a couple Olivia books for Christmas. haha

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