Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In The Mail

I know... I've been a little absent from actual posts for a few days. Other than my giveaway post yesterday, I've been super busy all weekend and just decided that the easiest thing to cut was blogging. =)

But... now I'm back and I really do have some things to share! Okay.. this is kind of like "Show and Tell" when you were a kid - only it's what I got in the mail yesterday! Yay! Always so exciting when you go to the mailbox and there is a box for you. Doesn't matter if you know what it is or not haha!

So here's what I got yesterday -

These are all things for our trip - and if you can't figure out exactly what it all is (uh...like the camo thingy) don't worry because of course I'm going to tell you.

before you all think I'm a terrible mom for putting my child on a leash just think about how much easier this is going to make our time in the airport. Instead of having to hold him or restrain him the entire time we're waiting, he'll be able to walk around and explore and get some energy out before we get on the 5 hour plane ride. I like this one because the tether is actually removable and he can just wear it as a backpack. Only big enough to hold maybe a book and a sippy cup, but I think this is going to do the trick.

Also thought this would come in handy at the airport - and airplane - and the Dallas Zoo. Since the Little Guy is in a throwing phase.

And lastly our favorite Sandra Boynton - What's Wrong Little Pookie. =)

Okay... I promised the Little Guy we'd go for a walk, so we better head out. It finally warmed up today, so I thought we better take advantage of the sun while we have it.

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