Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October Challenge Days 19-21

Didn't post about my challenge for a few days. Let's just say that over the weekend (Days 19-20) I maintained my progress. Okay? =) I worked all weekend and my husband was gone hunting, so not a whole lot got done around here. Then yesterday I had tea with my cousin and she lives 45 minutes away and met my mom for some shopping, so it was kind of a bust also. I DID make some yummy Pumpkin Bread though and I may have to share the recipe because it's so good!

Lets just move right along to day - Day 21:
This weeks Zone is the Master Bedroom and Bathroom. We don't really have a "Master Bathroom", but there is one upstairs that is kind of the family bathroom. A couple weeks ago I did a Deep Clean on the downstairs bathroom and that's what happened upstairs today.
-cleaned the outside of the cabinets (organizing the inside is going to have to wait for another day)
-scrubbed the tub (ugh... hate)
-deep cleaned the toilet
-washed down all the fixtures
-washed the door
-cleaned the mirror
-scrubbed the sink
-took down the shower curtain and bleached it
-threw away A LOT of CRAP
-washed the walls
-cleaned the baseboards

The only thing I didn't get too was the floor because the Little Guy woke up at that point. Yay! I felt so good because that room was in desperate need of a good cleaning. The Little Guy and I also went on the 2-mile loops walk today and I had to do it speed walking because I had to be back at the house in less than 45 minutes (which is usually how long it takes me to walk it!)

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